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    Studio Lot, creative agency for companies and individuals.
    Web and graphic design, photo and video.

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What is communication? An idea with punch in a seductive package.
Studio Lot develops and produces websites, graphic design, photos and videos. We can type faster in HTML than we can talk, and we can turn your message into powerful images.

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Creative agency:
from the idea to the final result

Considering Studio Lot? If you do, you will be getting a bunch of smart in-house designers, web architects and photographers. Our professional network of printers and techies ensure top-level work. We guide you step by step from the initial idea to the final result. And don’t forget all the other must-haves such as social media, search engine optimisation and tools to measure your impact. So you keep your hands free for your customers.

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Our work = your story

The best ideas often come over a good cup of coffee. So we like to take the time to meet you – even in the evenings or on weekends. Tell us what you are trying to do. Then we get down to work. What makes Studio Lot so different? The special things we create. No contrived stock photos or designs that come for a dime a dozen. We produce designs that surprise customers and often bring a smile to their lips.

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